Kursus: Language Disorders in Dementia

14. maj 2013. First Hotel Skt. Petri Copenhagen.

Kursus ved Nationalt Videnscenter for Demens:
Language Disorders in Dementia

The course will focus on Primary Progressive Aphasias (PPA) i.e. progressive brain disorders in which language is the primary deficit. The following questions will serve as an outline for the course:
o What is PPA?
o What are the official varieties of PPA?
o What are the identifiable varieties of PPA?
o How can we diagnose/recognise these varieties on the basis of a) Language profile b) Other cognitive features c) Brain imaging?
o What brain pathologies produce PPA?
o How do PPA syndromes compare with aphasia consequense on stroke?
o Can PPA be treated?

The issue of Secondary Progressive Aphasia, i.e. progressive brain disorders in which language is a, but not the major, component of a spectrum of deficits will also be addressed.

Karalyn Patterson, ph.d., Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Fellow of the British Academy, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge, UK.

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Dato:14-05-2013 08:10 - 14:01
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