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14/05/2018 - 14/05/2018

Kvartalskursus om apraksi d. 14. maj 2018


9.30-10.00: Morgenmad og Kaffe

10.00-12.00: (en pause midt i). Prof. Dr. Georg Goldenberg: Communication and Manipulation: The dual functions of the hand and the duality of apraxia.

“I will concentrate on limb apraxia. In the first part I will briefly review historical development of the concept. I will argue that apraxia can affect different domains of human motor actions more or less independently, and that the location of resonsible lesions varies according to which domain of action is considered. I will then demonstrate the clinical diagnosis and ecological significance of imitation of gestures, production of communicative gestures, and use of tools and objects. Finally. I will defend the hypothesis that their differential vulnerability too variable distinct domains of actions to different lesion sites can be explained by a dichotomy between communicative and instrumental manual motor actions.  The theoretical conclusions will be supported by a rich collection of Video recordings.”

12.00-13.00: Frokost

13.00-14.00: Georg Goldenberg fortsat

14.00-14.45: Kristian Winge, neurolog: Apraksi ved de atypiske Parkinsons sygdomme

14.45-15.00: Pause

15.00-15.45: Dorte Andreasen, audiologopæd: Taleapraksi



Pris: 150 kr.

Tilmelding: https://apraksi.nemtilmeld.dk/1/ (kopier adressen ind i din browser eller tryk på link)

Sted: Sjællands Universitetshospital, Roskilde, Vestermarksvej 11, stuen, Det lille Auditorium

Antal pladser: 70